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It also uses various codebits from that little piece of Web magic called Wordpress, which is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

In compliance with the GNU Affero General Public License, you can get a tarball with all our mods to StatusNet here. We try to contribute most of them back upstream, though ;)


Evan Prodromou (StatusNet), Zach Copley (StatusNet), Earle Martin (StatusNet), Marie-Claude Doyon (StatusNet), Sarven Capadisli (StatusNet), Robin Millette (StatusNet), Ciaran Gultnieks, Michael Landers, Ori Avtalion, Garret Buell, Mike Cochrane, Matthew Gregg, Florian Biree, Erik Stambaugh, drry, Gina Haeussge, Tryggvi Björgvinsson, Adrian Lang, Meitar Moscovitz, Sean Murphy, Leslie Michael Orchard, Eric Helgeson, Ken Sedgwick, Brian Hendrickson, Tobias Diekershoff, Dan Moore, Fil, Jeff Mitchell, Brenda Wallace, Jeffery To, Federico Marani, Craig Andrews, mEDI, Brett Taylor, Brigitte Schuster, Brion Vibber


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Facebook Bridge0.9.3Craig Andrews, Zach CopleyA plugin for integrating StatusNet with Facebook.
TwitterBridge0.9.3Zach Copley, Julien CThe Twitter "bridge" plugin allows integration of a StatusNet instance with Twitter.
GoogleAnalytics0.9.3Evan ProdromouUse Google Analytics to track Web access.
OpenExternalLinkTarget0.9.3Sarven CapadisliOpens external links (i.e., with rel=external) on a new window or tab
EmailSummary0.9.3Evan ProdromouSend an email summary of the inbox to users.
Autocomplete0.9.3Craig AndrewsThe autocomplete plugin allows users to autocomplete screen names in @ replies. When an "@" is typed into the notice text area, an autocomplete box is displayed populated with the user's friend' screen names.
Tipsy0.1Julien Chaumondtipsy - Facebook-style tooltip plugin for jQuery - integration to StatusNet
ThreadedMode0.1Julien ChaumondPlugin to do inline Threaded conversations by default. Only one level of replies.
LilUrl (ur1.ca)0.9.3Craig AndrewsUses ur1.ca URL-shortener service.
PtitUrl (ptiturl.com)0.9.3Craig AndrewsUses ptiturl.com URL-shortener service.
SimpleUrl (is.gd)0.9.3Craig AndrewsUses is.gd URL-shortener service.
SimpleUrl (snipr.com)0.9.3Craig AndrewsUses snipr.com URL-shortener service.
SimpleUrl (metamark.net)0.9.3Craig AndrewsUses metamark.net URL-shortener service.
SimpleUrl (tinyurl.com)0.9.3Craig AndrewsUses tinyurl.com URL-shortener service.
TightUrl (2tu.us)0.9.3Craig AndrewsUses 2tu.us URL-shortener service.
RSSCloud0.1Zach CopleyThe RSSCloud plugin enables your StatusNet instance to publish real-time updates for profile RSS feeds using the RSSCloud protocol".