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  1. Ski Safari
    Edouard Gasser: edouard bought Ski Safari and rated it ★★★★★ :

    The new Update is just awesome. One of the best games out there on the market. Undoubtedly.

    Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 16:30:33 UTC · view on Twitter
    1. Julien Chaumond: julien

      Just bought it.

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 16:32:38 UTC · view on Twitter
    2. Julien Chaumond: julien

      Damn you iTunes credits! :)

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 16:33:09 UTC · view on Twitter
    3. Edouard Gasser: edouard

      Tu vas te marrer. Jetpack Joyride meets Tiny Wings.

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 16:34:17 UTC
    4. Julien Chaumond: julien

      Ca c'est du pitch.

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 16:36:14 UTC
    5. Edouard Gasser: edouard

      Pour info record : 1 266 853. Je suis dans le top 5% monde.

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 19:16:54 UTC
    6. Julien Chaumond: julien

      En combien d'heures de jeu ?

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 19:17:45 UTC
    7. Edouard Gasser: edouard

      No idea. Bcp.

      Wednesday, 25-Jul-12 19:46:38 UTC
    8. Julien Chaumond: julien

      750,000. J'arrête...

      Wednesday, 01-Aug-12 15:47:03 UTC · view on Twitter