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  1. Tumor
    Décébal Hormuz: decebalhormuz bought Tumor and rated it ★★★★.
    Monday, 08-Jul-13 01:51:48 UTC · view on Facebook
    1. Julien Chaumond: julien

      Qu'est-ce ?

      Monday, 08-Jul-13 15:30:44 UTC
    2. Julien Chaumond: julien

      ping @decebalhormuz – Prêt pour le diner de ce soir chez Casimir ? :)

      Tuesday, 16-Jul-13 08:57:07 UTC
    3. Décébal Hormuz: decebalhormuz

      ahah, j'avais raté le ping, now i get it :)

      Friday, 19-Jul-13 02:58:06 UTC
    4. Julien Chaumond: julien

      Alors c'était comment ?

      Wednesday, 14-Aug-13 10:18:27 UTC
    5. Décébal Hormuz: decebalhormuz

      pas fini!

      Wednesday, 14-Aug-13 13:30:01 UTC

Product Information

From the Harvey Award-nominated creative team of Elk's Run comes Tumor, the critically acclaimed sensation that was the first graphic novel to debut exclusively on the Kindle E-Book Reader! Tumor is the story of Frank Armstrong, a man at the boot heel of the world, barely scraping up a living as a private investigator in modern day Los Angeles. He finally lands a big case, finding the missing daughter of a drug kingpin, just as he's taken by the symptoms of a late-stage brain tumor. Memories blend with reality, as the missing girl case starts to seep into the memory of his own missing wife from 20 years prior. Now, with days, maybe even hours, left to live, he must save this girl, while the one thing he's relied on all of his life fails him - his mind!

Author : Joshua Hale Fialkov

Artist : Noel Tuazon

Label : Archaia Studios Press

Manufacturer : Archaia Studios Press

Studio : Archaia Studios Press

Creator : Stephen ChristySous la direction de


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