Nothing But The Beat [Explicit]

Nothing But The Beat [Explicit]
Digital Music Album
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  1. Nothing But The Beat [Explicit]
    Julien Chaumond: julien bought Nothing But The Beat [Explicit].
    Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 17:38:20 UTC · view on Twitter
    1. Xavier Martinet: javier_m

      Tu rigoles ? tu l'as vraiment acheté ?

      Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 17:48:08 UTC
    2. Julien Chaumond: julien

      Bein ouais, why ?

      Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 17:49:18 UTC
    3. Xavier Martinet: javier_m

      je pensais pas que ça s'achetait, ce genre de produit. je pensais que la fnac le mettait dans les bacs comme argument publicitaires, un peu comme une sorte de flyer un peu épais quoi.

      Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 17:50:59 UTC
    4. Mai Bocquet: maibocquet

      C'est lesquelles les bonnes chansons de l'album ?

      Wednesday, 19-Oct-11 22:34:47 UTC
  2. Nothing But The Beat [Explicit]
    Eva Hibnick: esqentrepreneur commented on Nothing But The Beat [Explicit] :

    This guy releases a song and its a hit. Love.

    Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 17:33:06 UTC · view on Twitter
    1. Edouard Gasser: edouard

      Too business-driven for me. But I have to admit, he knows how to make a hit.

      Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 17:34:17 UTC · view on Twitter
    2. Eva Hibnick: esqentrepreneur

      Usually its the DJs begging to work with the stars....with Mr Guetta its the reverse!

      Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 17:48:39 UTC · view on Twitter
    3. Eva Hibnick: esqentrepreneur

      Rumor has it that Guetta requested Flo Rida give him a yellow Lambo before he would even consider working with him....

      Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 17:50:30 UTC · view on Twitter
    4. Eva Hibnick: esqentrepreneur

      I may or may not have started that rumor...

      Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 17:51:06 UTC · view on Twitter
    5. Edouard Gasser: edouard

      The same type of thing happened in the late 90s with Fatboy Slim. Everybody wanted to work with him. Indeed, lately, when you are "Guetta Branded", you are to succeed heavily :)

      Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 17:51:10 UTC · view on Twitter
  3. Nothing But The Beat [Explicit]
    Eva Hibnick: esqentrepreneur wants to buy Nothing But The Beat [Explicit].
    Tuesday, 18-Oct-11 17:31:57 UTC · view on Twitter

    Product Information

    Label : EMI France

    Manufacturer : EMI France

    Studio : EMI France

    Creator : David GuettaInterprète principal

    Release Date : 2011-08-29


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