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  1. Machete
    Ronan Amicel: ronnix rated Machete ★★★★★ :

    Machete don't write reviews.

    Friday, 17-Jun-11 10:44:34 UTC
    1. Edouard Gasser: edouard

      Machete is cool. Period.

      Friday, 17-Jun-11 10:45:39 UTC · view on Twitter
    2. Laurent Kretz: laurentk

      You're allowed not to like Machete. But if you do, Machete might bungee-jump out of window with your guts.

      Friday, 17-Jun-11 10:51:08 UTC · view on Twitter
  2. You
    Ronan Amicel: ronnix bought You and rated it ★★★★★.
    Friday, 10-Jun-11 21:54:41 UTC
    1. The Four Steps to the Epiphany
      Ronan Amicel: ronnix bought The Four Steps to the Epiphany and rated it ★★★★★ :

      Could probably use some editing, but it's a must read for entrepreneurs.

      Friday, 10-Jun-11 21:50:49 UTC · view on Twitter
      1. Julien Chaumond: julien

        Agreed !

        Friday, 10-Jun-11 21:52:03 UTC · view on Twitter